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  1. Broad St Reconstruction & Beautification Project

    So what is going on with this project? Is it happening? When? I feel like the trustees haven't informed the businesses or residents of Prairie Township that are affected by this project effectively.

    Nov 17, 2014 by _c_ross (5 points)

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  2. Sidewalks extending south on Norton road and east and west on Hall road to allow safer access to the new bicycle paths.

    We have received a great new bike trail leading through out community. However, currently only those right on the path in the Hall & Norton corridor have safe access to the trail. I live in the West...

    Jul 22, 2016 by Becky Fessler (5 points)

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  3. Sidewalks on Dellinger and Hubbard

    It's currently unsafe for my child to walk to his friends house as there are no sidewalks. It will be unsafe to get to the park on the corner of Dellinger and Hubbard without sidewalks. My child...

    Aug 13, 2015 by Elizabeth Cross (5 points)

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  4. Redoing our streets in Lake Darby. In particular Stillwater Drive. This street has been in terrible condition the six year I have lived here.

    Come out and put some effort into our area of town. Are streets are in terrible condition. Stillwater Drive has needed done for years. It makes our neighborhood look awful and run down. It would...

    Feb 2, 2020 by Crissy (5 points)

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  5. repair potholes west broad st. & lincoln vil. SOUTH

    repair potholes W Broad St and Lincoln Vil SOUTH

    Jan 3, 2016 by Val Pike (5 points)

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