Street Tree Permits

Residents, contractors, or any other person who wishes to plant, prune, remove, or otherwise work on a tree within the Township's right of way is required to obtain a permit from the Road, Cemetery and Parks Department. A permit is also required prior to any excavation within 10 foot of a street tree. These rules are to protect both street trees and the public because trees that are damaged by improper work or excavation can injure or kill people later.

Permits can be obtained by calling (614) 878-3316. Staff may need to review plans or perform a site inspection prior to issuing a permit. Street tree work permits are free and are not a substitute for any other permits that may be required for a project.

Whenever any tree is planted, pruned, removed, or otherwise worked on in the public-right-of-way without obtaining a permit, or in conflict with the provisions of this Program, the staff of the Road, Cemetery and Parks Department, may replace, remove or otherwise correct any work determined to be in violation of the Program. Any costs associated with the repair, removal or other work performed by the staff of the Road, Cemetery and Parks Department shall be billed directly to the property owner. If payment is not received within thirty (30) days the costs may be sent to the Franklin County Auditor who shall place such costs upon the property tax duplicate.