Annual Rates

The Prairie Township Community Center is accessible to Prairie Township Residents, JEDD/JEDZ members and all persons living outside of the Prairie Township limits.

The Prairie Township Community Center offers several different membership options. We offer Annual and Month to Month memberships. Our annual memberships come in either a Standard or Full Membership Option.

Standard Membership gives the member complete access to all fitness equipment, the walking track, gymnasium, and pool.

Full Membership gives the member complete access to all fitness equipment, the walking track, gymnasium, and pool while also including unlimited access to the childcare room and all drop-in fitness classes at the Prairie Township Community Center.

Resident/JEDD/JEDZ Standard MembershipAnnual11 Monthly DebitsAmount Due at Signing
Teen (10 to 18 years)$184.00$15.33$39.33
Young Adult (19 to 24 years)$195.00$16.25$40.25
Adult (25 to 54 years)$227.00$18.92$42.92
Senior Adult 55 years$109.00$9.08$33.08
Senior Adult Couple$203.00$16.92$40.92
Family of 2$389.00$32.42$56.42
Family of 3 plus       $498.00          $41.50         $65.50

Resident/JEDD/JEDZ Full MembershipAnnual11 Monthly DebitsAmount Due at Signing
Teen (10 to 18 years)$424.00$35.33$59.33
Young Adult (19 to 24 years)$435.00$36.25$60.25
Adult (24 to 54 years)$467.00$38.92$62.92
Senior Adult 55 years$349.00$29.08$53.08
Senior Adult Couple$443.00$36.92$60.92
Family of 2$629.00$52.42$76.42
Family of 3 Plus$738.00$61.50$85.50

Non-Resident Standard MembershipAnnual11 Monthly DebitsAmount Due at Signing
Teen (10 to 18 years)$300.00$25.00$49.00
Young Adult (19 to 24 years)$316.50$26.38$50.38
Adult (24 to 54 years)$364.50$30.38$54.38
Senior Adult 55 years$187.50$15.63$39.63
Senior Adult Couple$328.50$27.38$51.38
Family of 2$607.50$50.63$74.63
Family of 3 Plus$771.00$64.25$88.25

Non-Resident Full MembershipAnnual11 Monthly DebitsAmount Due at Signing
Teen (10 to 18 years)$516.00$43.00$67.00
Young Adult (19 to 24 years)$532.50$44.38$68.38
Adult (24 to 54 years)$580.50$48.38$72.38
Senior Adult 55 years$403.50$33.63$57.63
Senior Adult Couple$544.50$45.38$69.38
Family of 2$823.50$68.63$92.63
Family of 3 Plus$987.50$82.25$106.25

Month to MonthResident/JEDD/JEDZNon-resident
Senior Individual$19.99$29.99
College Student*$20.00$30.00

*College Student must be enrolled in a min. of 12 credit hrs.

Daily Fees for Non-Pass Holders

Children (0 to 2 years)FreeFree
Children (3 to 11 years)$3.00$4.00
Youth (12 to 17 years)$6.00$8.00
Adult (18 years & Above)$7.00$10.00
10 Day Passes$50.00$70.00
20 Day Passes$90.00$130.00

If interested in bringing a group of ten or more individuals, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance to confirm availability.

No refunds will be given for Day Passes.

Checks are NOT accepted for Day Passes.

Proof of residency is required. Children/Teens attending the Prairie Township Community Center without the presence of their resident parent/legal guardian or a Resident I.D Card will be charged the non-resident rate.

Household Definition: A household consists of a minimum of one adult and one child and a maximum of two adults and additional children all living in the same residence. An adult is 18 plus and a child is 3 to 17 years old or up to 25-year-old dependents living at the same address.

Senior Social Membership

The Senior Social Membership will allow access to the Prairie Room for Senior Social interactions Monday thru Friday from 9am to 5pm. Membership is open to seniors 55 years old or older. The yearly membership fee is $15 for residents and $25 for non-residents.

Fair Share Policy:

The Prairie Township Recreation Department is largely financed through JEDD & JEDZ Income Tax and Property Tax dollars. Therefore, to be considered a "Resident" in our registration process, you must live or work within the JEDD, JEDZ or Township Limits or be a spouse or child of such person. "Non-resident rate" applies to all others. Even though you may live in close proximity, have a Galloway or Columbus mailing address or live within the Southwestern City School district, you may not live within Prairie Township Limits. We ask for your understanding when registering.

To receive discounted resident rates, Prairie Township residents will be required to present identification such as a valid driver's license, photo ID card, utility bill or pay with a check with an address printed by the bank. Individuals employed in the JEDD or JEDZ Limits will need to provide proof of employment on company letterhead with the signature of the personnel director or president or a current paycheck of with their employer's name and address along with a valid driver's license. View more information on the JEDZ & JEDD including maps and addresses of businesses included.

If a household has been granted residency status due to providing proof of JEDD or JEDZ income tax withholding and it is later revealed that a full refund of these taxes occurred, the Township reserves the right to collect the difference between the resident fee paid originally for the activity or pass and the appropriate non-resident fee.

Resident/Non-resident Rates:
 The non-resident fee is an additional 20% to any program. Seasonal and Annual Pass fees, daily admission fees and rental fees are 50 percent higher for non-residents.

To confirm your residence status please check the Franklin County Auditor's site.

Create an online household.

Additional Important Information

  • A complete list of Facility Rules and Pass Policies are attached to each contract and are available at the front desk. Staff strongly recommends that patrons thoroughly review the information prior to signing a contract or attending the facility on a day pass.
  • With the exception of "seasonal specials" which are run at times and the "30 Day Pass for Full-Time College Students", Passes are annual (12 months) in duration. Although you may pay for your Pass monthly (Electronic Fund Transfer), contracts are not month-to-month.
  • For those choosing the Electronic Fund Transfer payment option, amount due at signing includes a $24 processing fee. Funds are debited on or about the 15th of each month. Please allow for a 2 to 3 day debit window.
  • No initiation fees.
  • Proof of age may be required for passes at time of registration. Parent/Legal Guardian consent is required when persons renew their pass.
  • Pass Holders may renew their pass no sooner than 30 days prior to expiration.
  • Classes, programs & childcare are not included in the Standard Pass fee, but are offered at a nominal fee.
  • Rates & hours of operation are subject to change.
  • Hours for the indoor pool and childcare room vary from normal facility hours. Hours are subject to change.
  • Weekly & Daily Approximations are strictly meant to show "how affordable" annual passes are at the Prairie Township Community Center.
  • All passes are non-refundable and non-transferable, except for the following hardship cases. A). Job transfer outside a 25-mile radius of the PTCC. B). Relocation/Move outside a 25-mile radius of the PTCC. C). Medical condition of an indefinite nature. D). Death. No other requests will be accepted.