Mosquito Prevention & Protection

We want to encourage residents to report areas of standing water, breeding areas / habitats, and when the mosquitoes get bad. We truly rely on these reports from residents to help identify where the problems lie.

Trap Locations

Thanks to the excited participation of many of our residents, Franklin County Public Health has already secured locations for all of their traps for the coming season! Regular surveillance is set to start the week of May 15, and the trapping and testing schedule will remain unchanged from last year. They will provide more details next month, but feel free to reach out with any questions.

Field Inspections

Clarke staff began mosquito breeding site inspections the first week of April, and will continue through October. Controlling mosquito breeding is the single most effective method of controlling the mosquito population, so if you know of any standing water or flooded areas in your jurisdiction, please let us know!

Service Requests

If you have a complaint please visit the online service request form ( or the BITE line, (614) 525-BITE (2483)! Our residents should select option 1 if they are calling the BITE line so that the call gets routed to Clarke’s designated Franklin County customer care team member.  We really do rely on our residents using these tools to inform us of mosquito issues!


Last year, Franklin County Public Health launched a hub site to host mosquito and tick data to share with you. This site includes all the information currently provided on our main website (surveillance, test results, spray schedule) as well as their service request dashboard, trap locations, and larval control applications. It will be updated throughout the year, and I will be posting these update messages to it as well. The site can be found at As of right now, last year’s data is still on the main FCPH website and the hub, but over the next few weeks, They will be changing everything over for the 2023 season. Please keep in mind that the hub site has some information that is intended for internal use only and should not be shared with the public. If there is additional or specific data you would like to see for your jurisdiction, if you encounter any difficulty in using the hub site, if you would like to suggest any changes or additions, or if you prefer a static report, please let me know.

Spray Schedule Web App

For those of you who embed the spray schedule map on your website, Franklin County Public Health has made some minor changes to the app. The URL for the new map tool is Please update your website if applicable, as the old map is no longer being updated.