Curbside Leaf Program

The 2019 Leaf Program is under way and we have started our fifth round through the township. The township road department starts in area 1 and we work our way through to area 9. This process  repeats throughout the leaf season which typically ends around the end of November to early December. We have made the transition to two trucks because of the volume of leaves. We will do our best to estimate the next time we will be in each zone. Our suggestion to the residents as always is please get your leaves out as soon as possible and we will pick them up as quick as we can. If cars are parked in our way we do not stop to get the leaves, so please don't put your leaves where cars are parked.

For any questions about the program, please contact the Road Department at 878-3316

Area Status Map
Little Farms & Lincoln Village N (area 1) Working Map (PDF)
Lincoln Village S, Rome Heights (area 2) Nov 13 Map (PDF)
Bolingbrook (area 3) Nov 13 Map (PDF)
Young Estates & Quaker Hill (area 4) Nov 13 Map (PDF)
Alton, O'Harra, Clover Estates (area 5) Nov 13 Map (PDF)
Village Park (area 6) Nov 14 Map (PDF)
Galloway & Norton Ridge (area 7) Nov 14 Map (PDF)
Lake Darby Estates South (area 8) Nov 14 Map (PDF)
West Point & Lake Darby Estates North (area 9) Nov 14

Map (PDF)

The Prairie Township Trustees are asking residents not to rake their leaves in the street for collection.

Rake leaves to the green space between the curb and sidewalk, if you have no sidewalk then rake leaves to the edge of the road berm.

Do not place leaves in the roadway or pile them around parked cars or fire hydrants

Leaf pickup will start in mid October Township wide, starting in the eastern portion of the township and working to the west.

Questions about the program can be directed to the Road Department, (614) 878-3316 or email

Progress will be updated daily on the township website or you can call the road department directly (614) 878-3316

Residents are reminded that leaf piles that are mixed with grass trimmings, branches, brush or other leaf content will not be collected through this service. Residents with branches and brush may have them collected through the townships curbside chipping program by calling (614) 878-3316 and scheduling a collection.