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Posted on: March 15, 2018

Driveway Development Standards

This amendment limits the width of driveways, number of driveways per lot, adds side setback requirements, and most importantly, requires vehicles to be parked on hard surfaces and not in the grassy areas in front of homes.

Specifically, the amendment states:

Driveway Development Standards in the R-6 Residential Zoning Districts: A driveway in the R-6 Zoning District shall meet the following additional development standards:

a.   Driveway Width – No driveway width shall exceed twenty (20) feet or one-third (1/3) the width of the lot (except for driveway aprons) whichever is less. For the purpose of this section, driveway width limitation is established to maintain a minimum of green space between a residential structure and a public right-of-way in the R-6 Residential Zoning District. Off-street parking of motor vehicles in front of an established building line shall be permitted only on a hard surface and not on the required green area.

b.   Number of Driveways Permitted – Each lot in an R-6 Residential Zoning District shall contain only one (1) driveway which has one (1) point of ingress and egress per street frontage. In the case of corner lots, through lots and lots having access off of an improved alley there shall be no more than a total of two (2) driveways permitted for each lot. 

c.   Driveway of an Accessory Use – No driveway shall be constructed on a lot unless a zoning compliance has been issued for a principal structure on the same lot.

d.   Driveway Setback – Driveways must be setback no less than one (1) foot from any side property line and adequately drained so not to cause stormwater drainage onto adjoining properties.

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